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Guild News
Welcome to Apocalypse
Finally the website is up and running :) This is where we put all the news happening in the guild. Anything exciting happening post here. Have fun guys
Karazhan, Gruul's Lair etc Raid instances
Raid Instances
Here we post up everything about the raids we will be doing. Hopefully get some teams sorted on website, so we can get stuck into them easily ingame :)
PVP and Arena Fights
Was once a fan of the glory of slaying the horde. Now i am a retired PVE tank ;D yet i bet some of you know pvp off by heart. Post here for tactics etc or even set up an arena team!
Guild Rules
Follow these off by heart and you will live till a thousand years old...well you will at least have a heart of gold. Please learn the rules, do not go against them, please gently remind guildies who accidently cross the line of the rules as well :)
Guild Ranks
I will post up Promotion days. the ranks we have in guild. And how to get promoted to certain ranks.









Guild events and meetings
Meetings and Events
Will post here meetings, hopefully every month or fortnight. Any ideas for events stick them here also. Lets see what we can do :)
Tell us a bit about yourself
Talk about yourself here :) Pictures welcome, and get to know the people playing beyond the wow characters.
Guild Pictures
Ingame Pics
Something really exciting happen? Not an ordinary day in wow?? Post it here!
Real life pictures
Get out those old family Albums and share some of the fun :)
Queries on Quests and Instances
Quest queries
If you can't find help with anyone online in guild and you are so stuck you can't possibly go on in life post here :)
Instance queries
Tactics for Instances. Rate difficulties of instances etc
Apocalypse Babble Bar
Babble Bar
Grab a pint (hopefully of orange juice) settle down and start to chat about whatever you want! (within reason of course lol) delve into your imagination.
Wow Addons
Addons for wow
Please post webbies etc for addons we all need :) I personally can't live without them!
Useful Websites
Websites for wow
Quest helping websites, talent, gear, etc websites, put em down here!
Craftable Items
Creating items
This is the place where guildies can post what items they can make etc. Makes it much more easier for everyone to get gear etc
Aldor and Scryer Swap Shop!
Post here to swap your Signets, tomes etc here for aldor business! or vice versa!! Arrange prices etc
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